Biomimicry Research


This aim of studio is to learn from nature. Interpretation and Simulation are a way to study nature as model. These processes are focusing of the natural process rater literal formal translation.  Ultimately this will lead student how nature demonstrates functionality, optimization and efficiency.Architecture like other field of design become more than before multidisciplinary and inspired by nature. Biomimicry is a crucial source of solution to many design evolution. Weinstock writes a brief in the foreword of the book Hypernatural about this the contemporary culture fascination with understanding nature and natural forms and explains  “The current engagement of both architectural practice and theoretical discourse with the nature is a reflection of the availability of the new modes of imagining the intricate and very small, of computational simulations of evolution, morphogenesis, and behavior, and of increasingly broad acceptance that all the living and nonliving forms of the world emerge from dynamic process of nature.” ( Brownwell and Swackamer 2015 )


 FIU Summer 2016: Paula Soler & Carlos Manrique, Sarah-Jane Wiener & Fernando Rodriguez, Lina Arias & Carolina Richardson, Valeria Mastrapa & Estefania Tabord, Stephanie Alvarez & Hesly Truvillo ,Camilo Rodriguez & Daniel Espinoza, Ricardo Henriques & Daniel Tabet

 FIU Fall 2017: Jose Diaz-Rivera & Paula Monteagudo, Alexandra Lopez & Maxine Lambert, Julio Cepero & Hugo Martinez, Daryl Fernandez & Armand Gorrell, Angel Tamayo & Sadiel Ojeda & Veronica Casadesus Celius, Hagar Abdou & Oriana Espinoza