Earth Architecture Superadobe

I have became a member of Cal-Earth Institute (Hesperia, California) back in 2005-2007 when attending at Southern Institute of Architecture At, SCI_Arc that time I was part of a team to build the new prototype “Earth-One”. “Sandbag Shelters” is an innovative simple design, which offers a durable and cost-effective alternative for refugee shelters. Nader Khalili(1936-2008) established the Superadobe structure in the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, Cal-Earth. “Sandbag Shelters” is a sustainable solution to human shelter especially now with the growing population of the refugees around the world and the concerns of the shelter condition and housing crisis. Continuing in his tradition, I  dedicated to research and education of the public in environmentally oriented arts and architecture and focus on the unique Earth building (Superadobe)techniques developed new material system inspiring by traditional earth building techniques. I have also managed to execute different workshops in Iran, city of Yazd and Kerman.

The Urban proposal For The Future Shelter Development

My main inspiration was the Persian rug. The Persian rug as of its inspiration from the fabled Persian garden with all its allegories and symbols; a two-dimensional and the classic Persian garden has to give enjoyment to all the five senses, an experience that is material as well as spiritual. Rug-city, is a special paradise similar to a green oasis in the middle of the desert and regardless of the geographical context, it will provide the essential cultural social needs, with mosques, school, bazaars, alleys and so on.The flexibility of the Superadobe for design, allow a community to incorporate the social and spatial structure need for stability and a sense of continuity in shattered lives. (Ronald Rael. Earth Architecture) This design solution with flexibility in design brings a sense of ownership to the families by participating and building their own family shelter. Furthermore, this design proposal intergrades the social and cultural values by complying the boundaries of private in order to create a safer and healthy community.


Tutors:  Nadel Khalili, Illiona Khalili

Location: Hesperia, California