Fabrication Technique

All Design Transparent

One of the crucial principles in the design process is to embed the fabrication and construction logic into the design in the very early stage to achieve efficient and homogeneous fabrication system. The aim is throughout series of physical experiments and digital analysis based on the environmental conditions to establish an intricate system in order to manage and analyze various possibilities.

Digital tectonics has been a critical influence on how we design in past two decades in specially in academic realm. Moreover, it is also clear that range of new digital tools and technique is appearing that not only challenges our previous understanding of the term “design”, but also hold out the promise of the new, more efficient way of generating or searching for possible solution. (Leach 2014)



Project01:Daryl Fernandez & Armand Gorrell. Project02: Alexandra Lopez & Maxine Lambert. Project03: Joseph Murillo & Fernando Rodriguez. Project04: Fernando Chery & Austin Landrette. Project05: Valeria Mastrapa & Estefania Taborda.