@ Glavovic Studio

Fort Lauderdale

[0.1. Flow, New Broward County Court- house Breezway]

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Year: 2012-2017
Program: Breezway Artwork
a large scale public art project that connects the river and the community to the New Broward County Courthouse

• Develop the project from schematic level to Design Development and 100% Construction Document

• Coordination with other discipline and making sure that project meet quality, schedule, and budget goals

[0.2. Vanguard Theater]

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Year: 2014- 2016
Program : Performing Arts and Theater a cutting-edge performing arts venue located in downtown Fort Lauderdale scope was to design façade that wraps the existing churchResponsibilities:
• Developing design ideas and generating 3D model and rendering to communicate with the Client • Produced Construction Documents set for the permit set •Coordi- nate with rep and contractors to lead the project to meet quality and inquired budget