Reinforced Earth Anticlastic Envelope Systems


Architectural Association, London

This dissertation project is tending to orient the material system development towards the application of double curvature geometries by investigation of natural fiber properties in increasing the tensile capacity of earth, which not only reinforces the material at the micro-level but also enhances the performative attribute of the final phenotype at the macro-level. The relationship between material system and the environment is critical issue at the present climate changes, in order to avoid current adversity for the future generation every decision we make as an architect is crucial. This thesis project in one hand is aiming to utilize the monolithic characteristic of earth as an available, affordable and sustainable material in developing a new material system which evolves through direct interaction between material properties and environmental stimuli as well as structural aspects. The dissertation was performed based on the fundamental definition of Emergence behavior.

Tutors:  Michael Weinstock, Michael Hensel and Achim Menges

Advisors: George Jeronimidis, Tony Kotnik and Shahriar Nafisi