Phase I| Arti_shoreline : Bio-tile

NSF CREST Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment 

Florida International University | College of  Architecture + The Arts 

The focus of my project is on the intersection of architecture and climate changes and how Architecture can mitigate environmental issues such as sea-level rise, shoreline erosion, depopulating of marine wildlife, deforestation of mangrove trees, pollution along the coastline. My project’s specific objective is to find design solutions for the current erosion problem along the Miami’s shoreline to prevent further disintegration of beaches, help mangrove restoration along the coastal area, and create an attractive habitat for different species.

Moreover, my project addresses the question of how well the proposed architectural design options are helping to raise awareness of marine and coastal environmental issues among the students attending university or any visitors come and interact with the design landscape.

I have developed several design schemes using new software, materials, and fabrication technologies, which have the potential to improve the environmental performance of current systems deployed at the shoreline.  A series of material and geometrical tests have been conducted in order to discover the possibilities and limitations during the early stage of design. In the latest samples, the initial concept is to construct a container that contains mangrove seeds along the shorelines. The purpose of these examinations to improve the material system in the existing context with the current condition.


  • Eco Design


  • CREST Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment