Clay Formation via Robot

Clay Formation Robotic Research Project

Summer 2018  @ FIU

An independent study research which focuses on the integration of computational design with robotic clay-printing technique, in order to produce a performative structure made by printed Ceramic modules. The Production is relationship to the building production and process. The final project is a prototype of wall assembly fabricated by uniform Ceramic Modules.

People Involved:

Faculty of College of Architecture:

Shahin Vassigh /Director of Technology Research Development CARTA

Sara Pezeshk / Adjunct Professor

Julian Ramirez/ Lab Manager

Nikolas Arvanitopoulos

Immanuel Miranda

Van Le

Ligia Filgueiras

Matheus Stancati

Department of Art: Tori Arpad-Cotta / Associate Professor of Art

Sonia Gonzalez-Park

Arina Polyanskaya